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How can Sermegon® help?

Any organisation that has experienced the problems associated with sharing information across incompatible systems or by manual processes will need to get Sermegon®. It saves time, improves cost and operational efficiency by using innovative blockchain technology.

Advantages of using Sermegon® in your organisation

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Optimising workflows

  • Accessible anywhere from any device.

  • Streamlines operational processes and improves operational outcomes.

  • Facilitates more informed decision-making across teams.

Reduced costs

  • Legacy systems are not disrupted, saving time and money with integration.  

  • Less spent on overheads thanks to a multi-tenant cloud infrastructure.

  • Automation and tracking reduces direct labour costs.

Data integrity

  • Data is self-correcting because the blockchains cross-reference each other to root out the error.

  • Data is immutable because it cannot be deleted or modified.

  • Traceability of data attributes facilitates transparency and accountability across parties.

Enhanced security

  • Blockchain technology is verified through a consensus system and stored across many nodes, significantly reducing hacking threats.

  • Permissions-based access management.

  • Ability to verify identity attributes.

Want to know more?

Sermegon® can help the following industries



Reducing delayed transfer of care is high in the agenda of the newly appointed Integrated Care Systems. By bringing health and social care teams with disparate IT systems to communicate efficiently with each other, Sermegon®:

  • improves process efficiency

  • provides timely, accurate and seamless information

  • ensures high level of visibility improves service delivery and increase patient experience

  • alleviates delayed transfer of care and reduces unnecessary costs.

Laptop displaying healthcare professional page

Social care


With health and social care services being joined up, there are still instances of system disparity impacting the seamless communication between services which can have detrimental effects on service users and cost. In addition to help the NHS reduce delayed transfer of care, Sermegon® can also positively impact:

  • Children’s Services by supporting the management of children services whereby multiple agencies are needed to provide the child’s care and need to receive regular progress status updates with the information centrally handled.

  • Adult services by managing multiple agencies in providing people’s care needs and tracking progress while keeping all the information securely in one place.

Sermegon - social care screenshot



Whatever the reason to immigrate to the UK, the process can be quite stressful. Sermegon®:

  • enables the asylum and refugee management process by allowing all involved agencies to track the application progress and keep the claimant up to date of the various stages of the process.

Image of a laptop with a Sermegon screenshot

Prison and Probation Services


Many agencies can be involved in the rehabilitation process. Sermegon®:

  • enables multi-agencies to coordinate their efforts while keeping themselves and their service users up to date with the rehabilitation programme progress.

Sermegon illustration



Travelling is part of modern life, but it can be stressful, particularly when luggage is lost. Sermegon®:

  • streamlines the baggage management process for multi-tenanted airports, where many airlines use the same baggage handling company, thus enabling an efficient workflow while improving customer experience.

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