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19 OCTOBER 2023

OVACtech awarded ORCHA’S certification for Sermegon®

We are delighted to announce that OVACtech Ltd has been certified by the Organisation for the Review of Care and Health Apps (ORCHA) for its Sermegon® application - a scalable cloud-based software as a service that uses blockchain technology to enable interoperability, which uses NHS  Digital APIs, when relevant.


Following a comprehensive process, OVACtech’ Sermegon® was given a score of 80% on the ORCHA Baseline Review (OBR).


As part of the assessment to see how Sermegon® complies with relevant regulations and follows best practices, three main areas were examined: data privacy, professional assurance, and usability/accessibility.


ORCHA’s assessment involves a detailed analysis of all the key areas of regulation and compliance. The standards used in the assessment are drawn from sources such as the GDPR guidelines, Data Security and Protection Toolkit and WCAG 2.0 AA/WCAG 2.1 AA.


OVACtech Director Ngozi Fakeye said: ‘Obtaining ORCHA’s OBR certification is yet another confirmation that Sermegon® is a product that can be relied on, and we are confident that its adoption will be of benefit to organisations struggling with interoperability.’

A photo of a laptop showing the sign in screen for Sermegon and the ORCHA Badge
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