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Product background in the context of Health and Social Care’

Sermegon displayed on tablet with stethoscope

With reducing delayed transfer of care being one of the objectives of England 42  Integrated Care Systems (ICS), Sermegon®, was developed as a proof of concept to help achieve that objective by using blockchain technology to enable interoperability in an ICS.

What Sermegon® is
Sermegon® is a secure patient-centred integrated care software solution that facilitates, coordinates and helps expedite the patient transfer process, while ensuring the patient has access to the information about their care at the tip of their fingers.

What Sermegon® is not
Sermegon® is not a solution to lack of funding or lack of facilities, nor will it resolve NHS staffing issues. Sermegon® is a powerful tool that speeds up the discharge process by ensuring the management of health and social care interactions is secure, transparent, seamless and instantaneous, while providing a certain level of accountability to enable improved performance and greater patient experience.

What Sermegon® does
Delayed patient transfer, commonly known as bed blocking, is an endemic problem stretching Health and Social Care service budgets, costing lives and consuming taxpayers’ money unnecessarily. One of the factors causing bed blocking is the lack of compatibility between the various Health and Social Care organisations’ IT systems, and the inability of such systems to effectively communicate between one another.

The solution that Sermegon® brings with its powerful tools and features is to integrate all interactions into one secure single place thus ensuring patient transfer, either at home or in a care facility, is made safely and without delay. Sermegon will also allow the continuous care management of the patient on their return to home, through the ability to find local available healthcare support, thus positively impacting the patient experience and that of their family and friends.

Sermegon® is scalable and adaptable to all use cases where there is a need for seamless transfers of cases across multiple organisations without the need for complex integration.


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