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Frequently asked questions

  • What is Sermegon®
    Sermegon® is a cloud-based digital software solution for integrated care that facilitates instantaneous interoperability, that is allowing systems to 'talk' with one another to enable secure inter-agency communication/sharing of up-to-date patient care information.
  • What technical infrastructure is Sermegon® built on?
    Sermegon® is built using blockchain technology - a technology that facilitates recording and tracking of information by storing it in batches called blocks. This is achieved by controlling modular services, messaging orchestration, multi-layered security, identity and access management, thus increasing trust, security, transparency and accountability.
  • Is Sermegon® digitally inclusive?
    Sermegon® is digitally inclusive as it is built using design thinking, which is prioritising the service users' needs above all else. It also ensures all users will find it easy to use and understand, independently of their IT skills or disability. For more information see our Accessibility Statement.
  • Can a patient's key contact access a patient's profile?
    A patient's key contact can only access a patient's profile if listed on the patient's profile as a key contact.
  • Can I be identified if I share my data?
    Your information is safe on Sermegon® as all infrastructural measures to ensure safety of data and information have been put in place.
  • Is a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) available?
    The Sermegon® Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) is available on request. The DPIA and risk registers are living documents subject to ongoing review, improvement and clarification.
  • What data is used by Sermegon®?
    All patient care information displayed in Sermegon® is spooled from the NHS Spine database.
  • How can the public be sure their data is safe?
    The data is protected by several techniques that protect the privacy and identity of app users. We have drawn on information, data and cyber security expertise to ensure your data is safe and secure. Data protection law sets out a framework of protective measures that we have followed to make sure the app and website are legally compliant and meet the standards expected to keep data secure and confidential. More information about how we protect your data can be found in our Privacy Notice.
  • I forgot my password, how can I get a new one
    You can reset your password by simply clicking on 'forgot password' and following the instructions on your screen.
  • My account is blocked, what should I do?
    An account can be locked for several security reasons. If it is based on a wrong password entered too many times, your account will unlock itself after 30 minutes. However, other security reasons will require admin assistance. Kindly send an account unlock request email to:
  • Can I send my feedback or suggestions to the team?
    Yes. We always look out for user feedback. This enables us to improve our product to better serve your needs. If you have suggestions, please email them to the Sermegon® team at, including screenshots if possible.
  • What does Sermegon® aim to do?
    Sermegon® will bring together information from all multidisciplinary organisations across health and social care service providers such as NHS organisations, local authorities, and independent care providers, to facilitate the efficient, safe, and rapid discharge / transfer of care of patients from the hospital.
  • Who are the users of Sermegon®?
    Sermegon® has a wide range of service users including, but not limited to, patients, patient key contacts, healthcare service providers, social care service providers, social care managers, social care coordinators, healthcare professionals, health and social care administrators, mobility workers, patient transport.
  • Why should I choose Sermegon®?
    Sermegon® is a software that enables interoperability and therefore provides a solution to organisations who want to improve customer outcomes and operational efficiency, without the cost and delay of complex system integration programmes.
  • Can this system be personalised for my organisation?
    Yes, Sermegon® can be personalised for every organisation to ensure it fits with the services, workflow and operations of the organisation.
  • Does Sermegon® work on all operating system platforms?
    Yes, Sermegon® works on all operating system platforms.
  • Do I need a support plan for my organisation?
    Sermegon® creates a support plan for every organisation using its service. For further enquiries, please email to
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