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MAY 2022

OVACtech announces its new product development

A screenshot of Sermegon sign in page

OVACtech Ltd is developing Sermegon® - a cloud-based custom-made service as a software workflow system that assists multi-agencies sharing a common goal to collaborate, track progress and implement necessary actions to achieve that goal and improve customer outcomes. By resolving interoperability issues caused by multi-agencies’s disparate IT systems and thanks to its blockchain technology increasing security, Sermegon® ensures that all involved in a project are kept up to date with progress in real-time in one single place.


In 2021,OVACtech, via One Voice Consulting Ltd, won an Innovate UK SMART Grant to develop Sermegon® (formally known as a working project as ‘Confluence/ConfluenceIT')with the view that it might help health and social care organisations with disparate IT systems to better communicate and use information in order to speed up the hospital patient discharge process thus alleviating delayed transfer of care (DToC).


DToC, that is the delay in hospital discharge of medically fit patients from acute care, is an endemic problem stretching services, leading to negative outcomes for patients and their loved ones, and wasting taxpayers’ money. One of the reasons identified is the lack of compatibility between the various health and social care organisations’ IT systems (interoperability) to communicate with each other to ensure the transfer is made without delay. Reducing DToC will become one of the objectives of England 42 Integrated Care Systems, a new partnership of organisations that will replace the Clinical Commissioning Groups from 1 July 2022.


What does Sermegon® do?




  • enables interoperability

  • reduces high upfront acquisition costs, ongoing maintenance costs, and disruptions to workflows that contribute to temporary losses in productivity.

  • s user friendly, reducing training time and cost.

  • centralises datasets from relevant multiple sources in one place.

  • is secure with access rights and permissions being attributed accordingly to enable users to perform specific tasks and access resources.

  • enables the creation and assignment of tasks as well as assigns priority level for each of these.

  • sends notifications and reminders.

  • tracks progress in a very visual way (RAG system).

  • allows staff to upload vital documents necessary for the discharge process.

  • enables easy reporting.


Although DToC is attributed to many factors, our solution is to use technology to facilitate interoperability between health and social care and keep patients informed throughout the discharge process, thus improving trust, transparency and efficiency.


Interested organisations can contact Sermegon® Service Design Lead Taiwo Alawiye at for further information or to request a demo.

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