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We use blockchain technology to solve system communication challenges, especially where disparate organisations need to interact with one another to improve customer outcomes.

Our core solutions support the digital transformation.

We apply the very latest service design thinking to create easy-to-use systems that enable new ways of sharing information with the public and between agencies. Most of all, we work with your teams to design and build the solution you need.

Our services

Transform your business
with blockchain technology

Technology is a powerful enabler for your business growth and we use our pragmatic project management approach to develop and deploy innovative and effective ICT solutions.

Blockchain technology is having an impact with its decentralisation, immutability, seamless and real-time communication.  Blockchain is the perfect technology where security, connectivity, accountability and trust are paramount for your business.

Our experts will help you create a comprehensive and pragmatic ICT strategy for your digital and technical transformation to meet your business objectives.

About us

OVACtech is a dynamic specialist software provider that uses blockchain technology to solve system integration problems through efficient and secure software solutions.

We work collaboratively with our clients to build bespoke solutions that meet standards and policies and enable digital transformation.

All our projects are managed by a qualified Project Practitioner (Prince 2/PMP), whose expertise is strategic planning and project delivery


In 2021, OVACtech Ltd, via One Voice Consulting Ltd, won an Innovate UK SMART Grant to develop Sermegon - a cloud-based patient-centred integrated care software that helps expedite the patient discharge process by enabling organisations involved in the pathway to track and implement, while ensuring the patient is informed and involved.


Since, we have worked tirelessly in collaboration with Health and Social Care organisations to develop an intuitive product with powerful tools and features to facilitate the patient transfer process, while empowering all concerned users.

About us
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